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Wedding Planning Questionnaire


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Contact Information


Brides Name: ____________________Groom’s Name: _________________________


Phone/Email:____________________ Phone/Email:___________________________




Order of Events__________

Ushers seat the guests (Prelude music playing)__________

Processional (Bridal Party)__________

Bridal March (Bride)__________

Greeting (Welcome/Introduction)__________

Statement of Intention__________

Exchange of Wedding Vows__________

Exchange of Wedding Rings__________

Pronouncement of Marriage__________

Presentation of the Couple__________


 Note: The printed order of event is only a suggestion. Every Ceremony is different, and this is YOUR Ceremony.  Any event may be added, removed, or rearranged.



Order of Events

Sequence Time Event _______________

Guest arrive________________

Wedding Ceremony________________

Cocktail Hour ________________

Reception Starts________________

Receiving Line ________________

Grand Entrance________________

First Dance ________________

Wedding Party Dance ________________

Grace/Blessing ________________

Dinner Served/Buffet ________________

Toasts (additional toasts & speeches are option) ________________

Father/Daughter Dance (can be combined with Mother/Son Dance) ________________

Mother/Son Dance (can be combined with Father/Daughter Dance) ________________

Open Dancing________________

Cake Cutting________________


Bouquet/Garter Toss________________

Open Dancing ________________

Last Dance________________

Optional Event__________________________________

Optional Event__________________________________________

Optional Event__________________________________________

Optional Event__________________________


Note: The printed order of events is only a suggestion. Every Reception is different, and this is YOUR Reception. Any event may be added, removed, or rearranged. (Remember to review your schedule with your caterer)



Location Information

Where would you like to see your wedding held?

The W, upscale Hotel, Church, Auditorium, banquet hall, mansion, or backyard of a home?


Date of the event: ______________________________________________________

Name/address of Ceremony establishment:




Contact name: _______________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Primary room name (location): _____________________________________________________________



Name/address of Reception establishment: ___________________________________________________



Contact name: _______________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Primary room name (location):


Special directions to Ceremony or Reception (if necessary):


Is the Reception indoors or outdoors: _______________

If indoors, what floor is the room on: _______

Are there any stairs that we will have to transport our equipment? If so, is there an elevator:  ________

If outdoors, we will need you to provide a canopy for shade (equipment)  

Does the event location have onsite parking :




General Information


Date of the event: _____________

Number of guests expected: _____________


Will the caterer be using the dance floor for a cocktail buffet or for the main course: _______________


What type of DJ Personality would you like:

(out-going, moderate, or easy -going):__________________

Should DJ make preparations for a meal

(If no, we will assume one will be provided –thank you):______

Will you need to have a second sound system for background music/PA in a separate area: __________

Will you need a microphone stand for announcements rather than holding the microphone: _________

Will there be any OFF-SITE photos with the Photographer after the Ceremony:


Will the Reception tables have reserved names: _________

Will family tables be reserved: __________


Client, please arrange with the event site that we would like to setup two hours before the guests arrive. Provide us with a copy of the floor plans showing the setup of the main reception room showing head table, dance floor and DJ area. We will require a 10’ x 6’ area next to the dance floor close to a dedicated electrical power source, plus space for speakers. There should not be any tables or seating between the sound system & speakers and the dance floor.




Contact Information for other Wedding Professionals

Professional Name



Planner/Coordinator ____________________________________________________



Photographer ______________________________________________________

Videographer ______________________________________________________




Music for Ceremony (If DJ Providing Music)


Music for the Wedding Party’s Entrance: _________________________________________

Music for the Bride’s Entrance:


Interlude Music (during Ceremony):


Music for your Exit as Husband & Wife:


Additional Songs: